2 minute love?

You love me when we make love? So how long does your love last? 2 minutes. half an hour? NO THANK YOU! I want a love that last a lifetime not an orgasm! and begins with more then a hi we just met can we sleep together? NO THANK YOU!
Sorry this is not a question to be answered. relationships built on lust, WILL NOT LAST! Body parts start to sag. things stop working. places get wrinkled. if all you are in to for is sex. You are not in love my friends. I pray you guys look past temporal good feelings. Can you guys work out agreements? Do you get along? How many men do you see her hanging with? How many woman has he left? Observe the ones you want to build a relationship with. This is not an invite for me, I pray many use it for their future marriages! Something to think about friends. Time to stop sleeping with strangers and crying later because it does not work.! a relationship without trust is dead! Food for thought! Shalom family of God!

Food For Thought

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